Huntingdon Freemen’s Trust

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Did you know that the Huntingdon Freeman’s Trust can provide grants to individuals, families, community groups and organisations, including schools and students?

Huntingdon Freemen’s Trust is a registered charity (number: 1044573) run by a team of dedicated trustees and staff. We all have connections to Huntingdon, know the town very well and spend a lot of time understanding the needs of the residents.

The money we distribute comes from income earned from our funds and assets, including investments and farmland in Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and Bedfordshire. These assets are held in trust and our job is to manage them, with guidance from a team of specialist advisors and fund managers, so that they will continue to help the residents of Huntingdon for many years to come.

We are monitored by the Charity Commission and can only operate according to our mandate that states that we are not allowed to spend money on services that the Government or local councils are supposed to provide. However, we can supplement that funding.