askmyGP Help and FAQs

We use a system called askmyGP which is an easy and fast way to ask for any kind of help from the practice.

  • Available 24/7 and we respond during working hours Monday to Friday
  • You can request a particular doctor or nurse (so long as they’re working)
  • You can choose to be contacted by the surgery by telephone, secure message or video call
  • If we need to see you we will usually give you a face-to-face or video appointment the same day
  • Video consultations are provided by our own doctors through a secure link to your mobile, tablet or laptop for no extra charge
  • You can register for askmyGP now, without any paperwork

askmyGP is available to all our patients, and you can use it to ask about your children or other people you care for (if they are registered with us).

That’s it – simple and straightforward!

We are encouraging everyone who has access to a computer, smart phone or tablet to use askmyGP:

  • it saves you time
  • really ill patients don’t have to wait for urgent slots at the end of surgeries
  • GPs can manage their time more effectively, booking any follow-up appointments you might need and,
  • it stops the 8am rush for appointments as you can contact the practice at any time, and up to 5pm get a response, and be seen if needed the same day!

Need help? Please find some useful links below.

VideosHow to Register & Make a New Request
How to Access askmyGP  (via the Evergreen Life app)
Descriptive Text and ImagesHow to Register as a User
How to log in
 How to log out
 How to make a request for someone else
 How to attach an image/ file to your request
 How to make an admin request (sick notes, test results, cancellations etc.)
 How to view new messages
 How to view previous messages
 How to complete a patient form
Frequently Asked QuestionsWhy is my usual doctor not listed?
 Can I insist on seeing a doctor face to face?
 Is there an app?
 How do I change my password?
 How do I update personal details?
 I’ve moved practice. How do I update my account?
Trouble ShootingI’ve been accidentally disconnected
 I’ve forgotten my password
 I’ve registered with the wrong practice.
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