Priory Fields Surgery

Non NHS Services

Some Services provided are not covered under our contract with the NHS and therefore attract charges some examples of these are:

Service Price
Forms/ Letters 
TWIMC £    30.00
Fitness to attend Gym/ Activity Certificate £    36.00
Shotgun Licence Certificate £    36.00
Holiday Cancellation Certificate/ Form £    36.00
Other straight forward Certificates £    20.00
Buss Pass Form £    20.00
Medicals and Reports 
GPR Insurance Report £  100.00
Private Medicals – HGV, Taxi etc… £  120.00
GPR Supplementary Reports/ Medical Information £    40.00
Lasting Power of Attorney – No visit £  100.00
Lasting Power of Attorney – Visit £  150.00

Please be aware that requests can take up to 10 working days. If you are requesting copies of your medical records then this will be provided within 28 days, followed by the GDPR guidelines.

We can only accept cash (the correct amount) or by cheque (Priory Fields Partnership). We will also need proof of photo ID on arrival of collecting your information.

Please be aware all these services should be requested through writing and not in a consultation with the Doctor.