Priory Fields Surgery are proud to have obtained the Carer Friendly Tick Award. Click for more info.

A carer is anyone, including children and adults, who looks after a family member, partner of friend who needs help because of their illness, disability, a mental health problem or an addiction, and cannot cope without their support.

We know how difficult it can be to make that initial contact with a new service but no question is right or wrong, too big or too small – we are here to help.

Carer’s Assessment

If you’re a carer, a carer’s assessment is a chance to discuss your needs with your local authority. The assessment is free and your local authority will use it to decide what support to give you. You are entitled to an assessment no matter what your level of need, or the amount of care you provide, or your financial circumstances.

Don’t be put off by the word ‘assessment‘. It is not a test about how good you are at caring. It is to work out what can be done to make life easier for you.  Find out more at

What if? Plan

This is a free service funded by Cambridgeshire County Council and Peterborough City Council to look after adults with care needs during an emergency involving their carer.

Think about what if something happens to you or in the case of an unplanned event or emergency wherein you are unable to look after the person you care for.

If the person you look after lives in Cambridgeshire or Peterborough you can register a What If? Plan. You will be sent a carer card, emergency key fob and contact details to use in an emergency.

Please see link below to find out more information and to register a What If? Plan:

“What If?” Plan | Support in the event of an emergency (


If you look after someone with a mental health problem. You might be unsure whether what you do ‘counts’ as caring, or it’s just part of day-to-day life. While some people think of caring as only physical tasks, giving emotional support is a big part of it.

For more information, see our page on supporting someone with a mental health problem.

Call: 0300 123 3393                                                                                     

Email: [email protected]

Caring Together

Caring Together is a leading charity supporting carers of all ages across Cambridgeshire, Peterborough and Norfolk.

They provide information and advice, run services in the local community and campaign so that carers have choices.

Call: 0345 241 0954

Email: [email protected]

For the latest information and support you can sign up for regular updates for carers at:

Centre 33

If you are a young carer, aged under 18 and helping to look after a family member or friend, Centre 33 can help. Centre 33 can offer support including:

  • Young carers assessments
  • One-to-one support
  • Specialist carer groups
  • Information and advice
  • Support around transitions at key stages of life

Call: 0333 414 1809

Email: [email protected]

Click here to register a Carer

It is important that we know if you are a carer so that we can make sure you receive information, services and the help that is available. If you are a carer please complete this form.

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