Priory Fields Surgery

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Repeat prescriptions

Repeat prescriptions can only be accepted in writing, this is to ensure that mistakes are not made.  You can order your prescription in the following ways:

If you are using the repeat request form and the practice is closed please post it through the letterbox, or if we are open please put in the box in reception. Your prescription will normally be available for collection 48 hours after the request has been received:

Request received on Prescription ready after 2.30pm on
Monday Wednesday
Tuesday Thursday
Wednesday Friday
Thursday Monday
Friday Tuesday


Should you request for your prescription to be sent to a pharmacy then you will need to allow 72 hours from requesting your prescription to picking it up from the pharmacy.

We use Electronic Prescriptions, this means that you prescription can go directly to your designated pharmacy. If you have not yet allocated yourself a nominated pharmacy please contact the surgery and we can arrange this. Urgent prescription requests made by 10am can be picked up at 2.30pm, and requests made by 3pm can be picked up at 5.30pm.

Please only request the medication you require.